inquiry flowchart



Inquiry Steps

Brief Description

Tools and Resources

Step 1: Starting

Learner creates/co-creates a question or questions that are of a kind that will allow an inquiry or a quest to take place. (clarify teachers’ role)

Inquiry Guide (blank)

Inquiry Guide (fillable PDF blank)

Question Types: Inquiry Springboards

Step 2: Deepening

Learner takes on early research based on starting questions. May discuss with teacher and/or other learners to help flesh out ideas. Research may involve creating something or doing something besides just reading or talking. The goal is to improve the quality of the question(s) from Step 1.

  • Inquiry Guide (blank)
  • Internet (Google, etc.)
  • EBSCO Host (get password from school)
  • Library resources
  • Teacher(s)
  • Community Resources
  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Pop-Up Sessions/classes

Step 3: Refining

Learner creates new questions based on research and learning in Step 2. These could be expressed in a mind map (to show how learner got there), or just a new list of questions.

Step 4: Planning

Learner develops and plans learning activities, projects, sessions, experiences, etc. to address/explore new questions from Step 3, including timelines, assessment ideas, and resource needs.

Step 5: Learning

Learner follows plans from Step 4, making modifications as needed. Daily and weekly work plans will reflect short-term goals. Assessment of learning will take place throughout this step. Reflection on learning is also part of this step.