This year, a number of PSII learners have been experimenting with designing and engineering special products for VIATeC and Mason Street Farm with mentoring from Limbic Media and Camosun College’s Enterprise Point.  It has been quite the collaboration!

The farm’s sensors unit which you can see here:

And the other set of  products are interactive, sound-reactive LED cubes.  So much learning has happened that it will require a much longer post to unpack.  As we are just in the midst of inventing, creating and iterating, there is just no time at the moment.  There will be video and a longer post coming as we finish both the farm and cube products.

However, we do want to provide an update on our progress with the cubes, especially as we had a big day today working with the incredibly talented Matt Zeleny from Camosun College’s Enterprise Point.  Matt has graciously given us his time to help use one of their lasers to engrave and cut the cube panels.  We cannot say enough good things about Matt and the team at Enterprise Point.  They are doing exceptional, innovative engineering work.

Here is Matt helping us out:


The boys learning a lot:


And a teaser of one of the laser-engraved cube panels:


Here is a model of what we are attempting:


We nearly have all the necessary materials and we have begun to assemble the first cube.  We did make a prototype, which was very useful, but the inside structure needed redesigning.  We are currently soldering the PCB together as well.  Already, we are finding greater efficiencies as we plan to produce 6 – 10 cubes for Dan Gunn, the Executive Director of VIATeC.  We should have the first model to Dan in 2-3weeks time.

The learning that has happened and that is in progress is tremendous (again, longer post coming soon).  At PSII, we prefer to think in competencies rather than courses, and these learners are picking up incredible skills while building valuable products to support their local communities.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

Making Progress (cubed)