Our online weekly calendar is displayed below. If you’d rather see all the details for a particular day, we have also included, above the full calendar, individual links to each day. Please note that additions and changes occur often (guest speakers, special events, etc…) The Google calendar view can be adjusted to “month,” “week,” or “agenda” (day) to suit your needs.

PSII Learners – How to use this schedule:

1. Look for the school-planned activities scheduled for your group (group letters A through F for reading, writing, scientific method, and tech lit) and for any specific subject-based or topic-based group sessions (Math, Japanese, ELL, French, etc.)

2. Write these in YOUR OWN calendar, so you do not have to look at everything all at once. It is too much!

3. Once you have the school-planned group activities in your calendar, plan your own learning activities in the spaces that are left. Look at your inquiry-related activities on your Trello boards and build in time to do the things you need to do, including scheduling meetings with teachers and other learners.