2018-19 School Year

Tuition for the 2018-19 school year (September to June) is $7200 CAD for learners whose parent(s) can provide evidence of both Canadian citizenship and normal residency in BC. There are several ways tuition can be paid:

Method 1: Single Lump Sum (before July 1, 2018)

If paying in a single lump sum, you will receive a discount of 5%, reducing tuition from. With paid $100 deposit, your lump sum payment will be $6740.

Method 2: 12 Month Payment Plan (starting July 1, 2018)


Post-dated cheques for the entire year (12 cheques – July 1 2018 to June 1 2019) are required before July 1, 2018. Cheques can be mailed to the school (see contact page) or dropped off in our mailbox in the front foyer between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 from Monday to Friday (our strata building is secured after 4:30). Please make cheques payable to “PSII” or “Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.”

e-Interac Transfers

e-Interac transfers can be sent to payments@learningstorm.org. Please use your child’s first name as the password.

For both cheques and e-transfers, assuming $100 deposit has been paid, each installment payment will be $591.67.

Sibling Enrollment Discount
In cases where siblings are concurrently enrolled, PSII offers a 15% discount on the second sibling’s tuition. The second sibling’s tuition amount would be $6120 making 12 monthly payments $510.00 each, or a single lump sum payment $5814.00. If there is a third sibling, the discount for that learner is 20%.

International Students
International student fees are dependent on a number of factors and require a conversation with the school’s principal educator.


Laptop Purchase Options

Tuition includes a two-year renewable laptop that the student owns and can keep. The school will purchase a new one every two years, regardless of the condition of the original one. The school will buy a laptop that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for what is needed to participate in the school program (at least 8 GB RAM, Windows operating system, wi-fi capable, minimum Intel i3 or higher, minimum 1TB lard drive).

If a learner knows that they will be using a laptop for a purpose that would require much higher specifications (e.g. inquiries with huge graphics editing components, or special sound systems), the family can provide their own laptop and receive a $300 reimbursement on tuition in any one year. Please check with school staff before doing this, just to make sure it is really necessary, and to make sure that the computer can do what  it needs to.